15.05. 10h-13h

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Training Time = local vienna time

How to teach online
Learn teaching online courses in a perfect way, that you are teaching normally at a facility.

*) Best Practice Online Cours SetUp
*) Technical Basic-Hints for different technical Equipment availability
*) Technical PROFESSIONAL Education for the perfect, delay-free Setup

In this training I will ensure, that your system is running, so you can teach online courses WITHOUT DELAY in future

HINT: we will use ZOOM Meeting-App, this technic will work also with other Meeting-Apps.


Please select at your registration!

245€ REGULAR (without package)
395€ REGULAR (with equipment package) so you can start right away

Ermäßigter Preis:
195€ DISCOUNTED (without package)
345€ DISCOUNTED (with equipment package) so you can start right away

You are allowed to use DISCOUNTED if you are at least one of the follwing groups:
*) Bodydays Partner-Instructors
*) Currently valid Piloxing PIA membership
*) Currently valid Breakletics Hiit The Beat licence
*) Registration until inkl. BLACK-FRIDAY 27.11.2020

Equipment Package will be delivered (no shipping costs within europe). We try best to ship it in time before Training. If there is no more Equipment package available - we are allowed to ship it later or change your registration to "without package" and return difference.

After you receive the package you can not cancel the training anymore.


Founder and Owner of Bodydays, Fitness Fun Family
Teached himself > 10.000 Group Fitness courses
Organized thousands of online Group Fitness courses
Therefore educated hundreds of Trainer since first lockdown
Organized national, international, worldwide Online Team-Teach Events


everyone at home, or at the studio - where you are going to teach your online courses
Online, Daheim